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At Tilem & Associates, our knowledgeable, aggressive and caring New York litigation lawyers have been proudly representing the rights of individuals facing a wide range of legal matters for more than 25 years.

As a boutique litigation firm with a large legal footprint we have the depth of knowledge and experience to handle everything from the most complex Homicide, narcotics, conspiracy or fraud case to the most routine traffic tickets and DWIs, and the most complex divorces to the most routine car accidents, we are able to provide you with the quality service you are looking for. As a full service law firm, we represent individuals and businesses throughout the New York metropolitan area. Our attorneys have successfully handled a wide variety of high profile cases. As such, we are fully equipped to handle your case next. When you choose to enlist our supportive assistance, you can be confident that you will receive the personalized legal solutions and attention that you need. Your best interests are best served by our extensively experienced and highly successful legal team. Regardless of the specific circumstances pertaining to your case, we can handle any type of litigation. Receive the effective, aggressive, and persuasive representation that you need and deserve – contact our New York law firm today. Put our dedicated, experienced, and committed legal team to work for you.

In our years of experience we have seen so many lawyers who simply go through the motions both literally and figuratively. They go through discovery, file all of the required motions and on occasion even try a case but often without a winning strategy or any strategy at all. At Tilem & Associates our goal is to obtain the best possible results for our clients. We have built our business on the successful representation of satisfied clients by using a holistic and targeted approach to each case rather than a “cookie cutter” one size fits all approach. Building a successful case or a successful defense requires that we speak to our clients about their goals and then sit down with them and understand their case, while analyzing the evidence and the law, in order to develop a strategy to obtain those results.

You want a New York criminal lawyer who will be responsive to your questions and be able to calm your fears. Our attorneys are available to answer clients’ questions and can usually be reached almost immediately. In addition, because we have a number of attorneys and handle a variety of different practice areas we are prepared to deal with the entirety of your legal issue not just a small piece of it. For example, if you were charged with a criminal offense involving domestic violence, you might also have a child custody issue in family court and a child support case. The attorneys at Tilem & Associates have the experience and knowledge to handle all aspects of your case which is more cost-efficient and permits your legal team to work together to achieve the best possible result.

Our Lawyers Handle:

  • Criminal Cases
  • Family Law and Matrimonial Cases
  • Article 78 Proceedings
  • Gun Licensing and Second Amendment Issues
  • Commercial and Real Estate Litigation
  • Surrogate’s Court Litigation and Will Contests
  • Landlord Tenant Cases
  • Traffic Violations
  • Drinking and Driving, DWI, DUI, DWAI
Criminal Defense

With almost 30 years of experience in New York Criminal Law, Founding partner, Peter H. Tilem, is truly one of the premier criminal defense lawyers in New York. Starting as a prosecutor, in the New York County District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Tilem developed his trial and litigation skills as well as a deep knowledge of criminal law and criminal procedure. Today, Mr. Tilem and his team put that skill, experience and knowledge to work for their clients in all types of criminal cases, including: homicide, drug cases, gun and weapons crimes, identity theft, escort services and prostitution, rape and sexual assault, child pornography, assault and battery, and driving related crimes.

Gun and Weapons Crimes

Possession of illegal, unlicensed or unregistered firearms or weapons can carry very harsh state prison sentences in New York and are taken very seriously by prosecutors and judges. Experienced lawyers can help a client formulate a defense, seek suppression of the weapon and negotiate a favorable plea deal. In addition, unlike other types of cases, many gun and weapon possession cases do not have very good appeal to jurors. As a result, it may be appropriate for a client under certain circumstances to testify before a grand jury reviewing the evidence or even seek a jury trial.

Child Pornography Cases

Child pornography cases are also very serious and can result in a convicted offender going to prison or serving a long and invasive probationary sentence. Sex offender registration under the sex offender registration act (SORA) is also required. Often images are downloaded and then deleted but can be forensically restored by prosecutors or the police. Another issue may involve multiple users of the same computer and linking the images to one of those users. It is important to deal with the stigma of having such a charge, whether or not true, lodge against a person. It is also important to know whether any of the images were disseminated in any way, which can often lead to additional charges.

Drug and Narcotics Cases

Drug prosecutions have changed dramatically in the last 10 years and while still very serious it is important to hire a lawyer who understands the range of options in defending drug and narcotics charges. Just several years ago, under the infamous “Rockefeller drug laws” many accused or even minor possession or sale of controlled substances faced mandatory minimum sentences in prison. Today, drug courts and other problem solving courts can help a person accused of the sale or possession of a controlled substance avoid a conviction. In addition, experienced lawyers can formulate a defense, seek suppression of the drugs or work out a favorable plea.

Murder and Homicide Cases

As a former homicide prosecutor, and experienced criminal defense lawyer’ Mr. Tilem has the particular depth of knowledge, experience and skill to handle these very serious and often complex cases. A homicide case is the only type of case where the victim never testifies. Therefore, prosecutors often rely on forensic, physical and circumstantial evidence, more than in other types of cases. A person facing a homicide charge in New York can be facing a sentence of life in prison or as little as a maximum of 1 and 1/3 to 4 years in prison depending on the facts and the charges. In these types of cases it is important, with so much at stake to use lawyers with not only the skill, knowledge and experience to win but also a proven track record in defending these types of cases.

Identity Theft Crimes

Identity theft is a very common crime and depending on the specific circumstances can be charged as a very serious crime. Often, these types of cases are “paper” cases, with no witnesses, prosecutors use bank records, electronic communications or computer data to try to build their cases. Because so many people have been the victim of some type of identity theft in their personal lives, jurors, judges and prosecutors who were victimized may be less sympathetic to the accused than they would be with other types of cases.

Escort Services and Prostitution Cases

Prostitution and prostitution related cases can be serious but also embarrassing and require a high level of sensitivity, professionalism and confidentiality. As lawyers experienced with these types of cases, we know that formulating a winning defense and resolving the cases quickly and confidentially are essential. In addition, a conviction for a prostitution related offense can have collateral consequences beyond the criminal case that need to be addressed.

Rape and Sexual Assault Cases

New York Rape cases, sexual abuse cases, and sexual assault cases are the most serious cases found in the New York Penal Law. In addition to long prison sentences, a convicted sex offender can face lifetime registration as a sex offender, long and invasive probationary sentences and long term stigmatization. As a result, an experienced lawyer is required to investigate the case, find inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s story and be prepared to cross-examine the victim if necessary. Additionally, scientific tests such as DNA analysis are often used and need to be thoroughly reviewed.

Assault and Battery Cases

New York Assault cases can run the gamut from a misdemeanor to a “B” felony where the accused could face 25 years. The injuries to the victim, the intent of the accused and whether a weapon was involved are all factors that a prosecutor, Court or juror will need to consider. Proving intent can be difficult and the intentions of the accused can play a major role in both the charges and whether or not the person will be convicted. Forensic and scientific evidence may also be a key part of the evidence and may need to be thoroughly examined and attacked.

Driving Related Crimes

Besides DWI, Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Vehicle, Reckless driving and others can result in a driver being charged with a crime rather than being issued a routine traffic infraction. Aggravated Unlicensed Operation involves driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license or driving privilege. Depending on why and how many times a person’s license was suspended or revoked, a person could be charged with an upgraded charge including possibly a felony.

Family Law and Matrimonial Cases

Nothing is more personal than a person’s family and children. The lawyers at Tilem & Associates have the skill, knowledge, sensitivity and experience to help you preserve the things that matter most. If you are involved in a custody case, or are fighting over visitation we can help you get the best possible outcome for both you and your family. In addition, no one wants to leave a divorce or break-up poor, in debt or bankrupt we can help you get or keep that which you are entitled to. These cases require a special level of care, speak to one of our family law attorneys today.

Article 78 Proceedings

No government agency, government authority, or department has the right to take advantage of anyone. The law gives the power to the Courts to review many government decisions. If you are adversely affected by a government decision and have exhausted all of your administrative appeals, you may qualify to have the Court review your case. The Court has the power to order the government to do that which they are required to do by law or to prevent the government from doing that which it is not allowed to do. In addition, a Court can reverse a government decision when the government abuses its discretion or is arbitrary and capricious in its decision. Call one of our attorneys to see whether you qualify to have a Court review your decision.

Gun Licensing and Second Amendment Cases

Mr. Tilem, a former member of the firearms trafficking unit of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and a certified NRA Instructor and NRA Range Safety Officer has been protecting people’s rights for more than 25 years. We represent people in gun licensing proceedings, gun license suspension or pistol license revocation hearings and proceedings and people accused of violations or crimes relating to the possession of guns, weapons, ammunition, or gun magazines. We have been very successful in these types of cases and have aggressively defended people’s rights in many high profile cases.

Commercial and Real Estate Litigation

Litigation and infighting between partners and owners, can quickly destroy a business that was built over decades. Family business are particularly susceptible to this type of litigation or fighting. In addition, poorly drafted partnership agreements, or shareholder or operating agreements can cause disputes between shareholders that boil over into litigation and can severely undermine the health of the business. It is essential that you consult, aggressive, knowledgeable and skilled legal counsel with experience in resolving these types of disputes as early as possible after a dispute develops, even, if possible before the start of litigation. Our attorneys have the skill and experience to steer you through these types of commercial disputes.

Surrogate’s Court Litigation and Will Contests

When a loved one dies it is painful enough but learning that you were excluded from a will or an inheritance can make it all the more painful. Especially when you learn or have reason to believe that your family member may have been the victim of undue influence, coercion or manipulation. New York law gives certain relatives who were excluded from wills extensive rights to obtain discovery and potentially challenge the probate of the will. Sometimes, even though you are entitled to inherit under a will or through intestacy, and money from the estate keeps disappearing and never gets to the heirs. Our experienced Surrogate’s Court litigation lawyers can help you receive what you are entitled to and what your loved one spent a life time saving to pass on to his or her heirs. Contact us to discuss your case.

Landlord – Tenant Cases

We have extensive experience in representing both landlords and tenants involved in legal disputes. Our lawyers are familiar with all types of eviction proceedings including: holdover proceedings, non-payment actions and ejectment actions. In addition, we have experience with both commercial and residential premises and in situations where there is a written or oral lease. Please give us a call today and speak to one of our experienced Landlord-Tenant lawyers.

DWI, DWAI, DUI and Drunk Driving

In recent years DWI cases have changed from a minor crime that was not taken very seriously to a remarkable complex area of law. Those accused face the potential for jail or probation, loss of driving privileges, fines, mandatory installation of an ignition interlock, mandatory classes and other potential consequences. DWI cases, can be won by those accused. Our lawyers know both the law and the science behind proving and disproving DWI cases. We have a proven record of success in winning difficult DWI cases. Call today to speak to one of our experienced DWI attorneys.

Traffic Violations

Although traffic infractions don’t seem that serious, they can be costly. In New York, once you have 6 points on your driver’s license in any year DMV will assess a Driver’s Responsibility Assessment of $300 for the first 6 points and $75 for each point thereafter. At 11 points you normally lose your license. In addition, fines, surcharges and insurance surcharges can quickly add up. Don’t waste your time in Court. In most cases, our attorneys can handle your case without you ever having to go the Court. Contact today and stop pleading guilty to traffic violations.

We are located just over ten miles outside of New York City, providing easy access for clients from all over Westchester County, all five boroughs of New York City, Rockland County, Nassau County, Orange County, and Putnam County.

Allow Our New York Trial Lawyers To Represent Your Rights We Will Go The Extra Mile In Order To Safeguard Your Future

At Tilem & Associates are goal is to obtain the best possible results for your case. Our lawyers are second to none and have a proven track record of obtaining the best results for our clients.

When you choose Tilem & Associates, we will do everything within our power in order to preserve the things that you value the most. We will build a strong relationship with you so that we can better understand your goals. Our skilled trial lawyers are qualified to handle any type of litigation as we attain the skills necessary to efficiently communicate with judges and jurors. Additionally, we know exactly how to formulate a winning litigation strategy. Our New York criminal attorneys will examine and cross-examine your case and all witnesses connected to your case in order to build the strongest strategy possible. Retain our representation today. Call us for your free consultation.

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We've handled many high-profile cases in criminal law and other areas. As a result, our team has appeared on CNN and 60 Minutes. Additionally, you can see us on local TV news programs and in print media.

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