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Aggravated DWI

Let Our Brooklyn DWI Attorneys Protect Your Rights & Reputation

Created in 2007, aggravated DWI is a new category of DWI in New York that’s associated with harsher penalties and new plea-bargaining restrictions. While it’s considered a misdemeanor, an aggravated DWI conviction is a more severe offense compared to a typical DWI, with a possibility of becoming a felony if you are convicted of a second aggravated DWI within 10 years. In addition a New York Aggravated DWI can result in higher fines and longer suspensions than a typical New York DWI.

If you have been arrested for an aggravated DWI in Brooklyn or beyond, our DWI attorneys possesses an extensive knowledge of state laws and court proceedings to help you navigate through the possible complexities of your case. We are devoted to fighting for our clients, from beginning to end.

Over the last 20 years DWI cases have become much more serious and much more complexed. It seems that every year additional restrictions and complexities are added. Our lawyers are experienced in navigating the many issues that you may face once you are charged with an Aggravated DWI and in many cases are able to obtain at least some driving privileges for our clients while we fight your charges. Serving people in Brooklyn and other boroughs, our DWI lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in obtaining hardship licenses, conditional licenses and addressing issues related to the mandatory revocation of a client’s driver’s license.

Aggravated DWI Penalties

A normal DWI charge is filed when an individual has been driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of over .08. However, if a person has been driving with a BAC of 0.18 or higher, then they will be likely to face an aggravated DWI charge.

If you are convicted of an aggravated DWI charge in New York, you will face the following list of penalties:

  • Maximum jail sentence of one year
  • A fine between $1,000 and $2,500
  • License revocation for at least one year
  • Three years of probation
  • Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device
  • $250 per year assessment through the DMV for three years
  • A $395 surcharge in court

If you have been convicted of a second aggravated DWI within 10 years, you will face the following penalties:

  • Maximum jail sentence of four years
  • A fine between $1,000 and $5,000
  • License revocation for at least 18 months
  • Three years of probation
  • $250 per year assessment through the DMV for three years
  • A $395 surcharge in court
Have a Former Prosecutor on Your Side

At Tilem & Associates, PC, we have been successfully helping our clients obtain the results they desire for over 25 years. As a former senior prosecutor in the New York County District Attorney’s Office, Attorney Tilem has an in-depth understanding of New York’s legal system and how the prosecution will approach your case. When faced with a complexed and serious charge such as Aggravated DWI, don’t just go out and hire a local attorney that lacks the experience, skill and knowledge to handle your case. Contact a skilled and experienced Brooklyn DWI lawyer. Do not hesitate to seek legal assistance from our DWI lawyers today.

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