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Construction / Work Related Accidents

You Have Rights as an Injured Worker

New York Labor Law provides specific protections applicable to those working on the construction of buildings and other structures. These protections include the use of fireproof materials and adherence to certain rules and regulations pertaining to beams and flooring. There are other regulations that pertain to elevators and their shafts, intended to prevent construction workers from falling down the shaft. You have a right to safe and lawful work environment and our lawyers are willing to protect your rights.

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Furthermore, all building construction sites must be operated in such a way as to provide reasonable safety to all people employed at the construction site or lawfully on the construction site. If you have been injured on a construction site, you have rights. Discuss your options with a New York construction accident lawyer at Tilem & Associates, PC today during a free initial consultation: 877-377-8666.

While many workers are familiar with the workers compensation system many people do not fully understand their rights. Some workers are not aware that besides filing a worker’s compensation claim they may also have the right to file suit in Court. New York law may impose liability on the owner of the property and depending on the type of property the owner, contractor or their agents may be strictly liable for any injuries received after falling from a ladder or scaffolding. Strictly liable means that you may be able to sue the owner or managing agent of the property whether or not they were at fault.

Protecting Workers in Elevators

Any person working in an elevator shaft or hatchway and/or stairwells of buildings during construction or demolition must be protected by sound planking at least two inches thick. Such planking must be laid at least two stories above and one story below the workers, or by other similar safety rules (See Labor Law 241-a). Our construction accident lawyers can help New York residents bring claims based on violations of these rules.

Hurt in a Scaffolding Accident?

New York law protects workers involved in all aspects of construction, including repairing, painting and even cleaning buildings. Contractors and owners must supply workers with a variety of safety devices, such as scaffolds and other devices to protect workers from falling. Most times, scaffolding must have a protective railing that is at least 34 inches in height from the floor of the scaffolding.

This is to protect the worker from falling. Did you know that the scaffolding must be able to hold four times the weight it will actually hold? These are issues that must be investigated if you are injured on scaffolding.

Hurt on a Ladder?

New York law also protects workers who are using ladders as part of their construction duties, including cleaning, painting repairing and maintenance. If you have been injured at a construction site from falling debris or from a fall from a ladder or scaffolding, call the construction accident attorneys at the New York firm of Tilem & Associates, PC for a free consultation. If necessary we will travel to your home or hospital to meet with you.

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