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COVID-19 / Coronavirus Changes to Daily Life

Recently, the growing and changing concerns surrounding COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, have caused upheaval in the daily life of most New Yorkers. Since March 7, 2020, Governor Cuomo’s executive orders have overwhelmingly centered around keeping New Yorkers safe and attempting to combat the spread of the virus in a state that has millions of inhabitants.

As if today, April 17, 2020 the orders implemented by Governor Cuomo have been ordered to be in place until at the earliest May 15, 2020. These orders include the closing of all non-essential businesses in New York State as well as no large social gatherings, meaning any type of party, social event or celebration. Anyone who is in public areas must also practice social distancing, meaning staying at least six feet from others. This was also recently updated to include the guideline that anyone who is in public must wear a face mask.

In New York, we know most people rely heavily on public transportation, be it buses, trains, or subway. However, Cuomo’s order states that any use of public transportation should be limited to when only necessary, for example for those considered essential workers going to and from work. The reason we want to make sure New Yorkers are aware of these implementations by the Governor is because he has also instituted fines to be issued to those who violate these orders. If anyone in New York is not following the directives ordered, they can be issued a fine for up to $1,000.

Our goal at Tilem & Associates is to make sure New Yorkers are educated on their rights and social expectations during these difficult times. These orders are not in place to disadvantage anyone, but to keep New Yorkers safe. If someone is in public and not following the guidelines set by the Governor, they will initially receive a warning from local police in the area to disperse the gatherings or make adjustments in order to follow the protocols. If the warning is not followed, the violation can be issued.

It may seem that this practice is unfair, but the goal is to keep all New Yorkers safe and slow the spread of the virus. It is recommended that families do not travel out in public together even if they have been staying at home together. When it is necessary to venture out in public, like going to the grocery store or laundromat, one person from the household should be leaving to accomplish the necessary tasks that require leaving home. Please make conscious decisions to avoid traveling anywhere in groups, even as family or household members to further limit the number of people in public and exposed to the virus.

As these changes continue to affect daily life, we will work diligently to update our website to include important information on court proceedings. If you have questions about how these changes affect your current court proceedings or potential new cases, please see our pages on each of the different types of court cases and how they are affected by the changing court protocols. If you have immediate questions, reach out to our team now to have your questions answered as soon as possible.

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