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Demand Letters

A demand letter drafted by an experienced trial attorney from Tilem & Associates can offer a quick and inexpensive solution to certain legal problem. Many attorneys draft demand letters, but, an experienced New York tort ligation lawyer from Tilem & Associates, P.C. knows how to craft an effective and artful demand letter to get the job done. In addition, a letter coming from a firm with a reputation for winning difficult cases can have a greater impact on the recipient. The elements of a strong demand letter are: 1) the letter must outline the problem for the reader, 2) the attorney must collect and organize the facts, 3) the attorney must write the letter clearly, and 4) the attorney must evaluate the response and act accordingly. A strong demand letter may be so persuasive that you may be able to settle your dispute before litigation is initiated.

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An effective demand letter needs to consider what a defendant thinks about before deciding to settle. All defendants are different, however, generally, defendants will settle when the costs of litigation and the risk of an adverse judgement are high enough that settlement seems like the less expensive option. A good demand letter shows the defendant they should settle rather than go to court.

There are three main ways to do this. The first strategy is to use the facts show the defendant that he or she is risking an adverse judgement in court. Facts are powerful. Compelling facts can convince the toughest judges and juries. In some cases, a convincing presentation of the facts can persuade defendants to settle. The second strategy is to show the defendant that their conduct violated the law what the legal consequences of their actions are. When a defendant sees the law, they may suddenly reconsider defending the matter in court and could be motivated to settle. This works best when the defendant breaks the law in an obvious way and damages are easy to see. The third strategy is an appeal to a defendant’s sense of thrift. Time is money and business owners are busy. They do not want to deal with the time and expense of a lawsuit. A demand letter gives them the option of settling and relieving themselves of a headache before it becomes a migraine.

Hiring Tilem & Associates, gives your demand letter teeth. Our office’s reputation for aggressive litigation, precision, and legal accuracy can stop expensive and unnecessary litigation before it begins. A simple letter may be all it takes to reach an agreement with a party that has harmed you. But that letter needs the reputation of a strong law firm behind it. Our lawyer’s reputations for aggression and tough litigation tactics may be enough to encourage settlement. The attorneys at Tilem & Associates have a great deal of experience convincing judges, juries, and defendants in high stakes litigation, and in the most serious criminal matters, including homicide cases. With our reputation and persuasive arguments our office’s demand letters stand the greatest chances of bringing about a settlement.

Demand letters are the first step in a settlement negotiation. Nearly all cases are resolved through settlement. Leading law professors estimate that 99% of all civil cases settle before trial. Cases even settle on the courtroom steps. Demand letters are far less expensive than filing a complaint. In some cases, a defendant has not even considered that they might be sued or that they may have broken the law. Some defendants have no idea that harm they caused a plaintiff could even be the basis for a lawsuit. Given the chance, these defendants will sometimes make settlement offers. When our office sends the letter, the defendant knows that you mean business. Our demand letters give the defendant a chance to come to the table in a meaningful way before the gloves come off.

If You Need a Demand Letter Call Tilem & Associates, P.C. Now 877-377-8666. Our Experienced New York Tort Litigation Lawyers’ Demand Letter Will Bring Your Adversary to the Table. Call Us 24/7 for a Free Consultation.

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