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New York Divorce Lawyers That Will Help Your Preserve the Things That Matter Most!

New York divorce can be legally, factually and emotionally complex and can drain your financial reserve. Clients often come to our office when they have been served with divorce papers or they are thinking about getting divorced, asking “What do I need to know?” When you are involved in a divorce, it’s very important to understand that much about your life will change during and after the divorce. Our White Plains divorce lawyers can help counsel and advise you through this difficult time and will zealously fight for you to preserve your rights and your way of life.

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During a New York divorce case the Court may adjudicate some or all of the following issues:

  • Disposition of Marital Assets – Equitable Distribution
  • Disposition of Liabilities Accrued During the Course of the Marriage
  • Child Custody, Child Visitation, Primary Decision Making
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Maintenance – Alimony
  • Pendente Lite Support (temporary support)
  • Grounds for Divorce
  • The Disposition of the Marital Residence
  • Separate Property
  • Disposition or Equalization of Retirement Assets Accrued During the Marriage
  • Appraisal and Evaluation of Marital Assets
Trusted and Approachable Attorneys who Will Fight for Your Rights

Our New York Divorce Attorneys are trustworthy, approachable and reachable so that you can get your questions answered and your concerns addressed. Our lawyers will sit down with you to understand your goals and come up with a winning strategy to help you achieve the results that you want.

The divorce lawyers at Tilem & Associates have the experience, skill and knowledge to guide you through each and every step of your divorce and protect your interests.

The law protects you and you need lawyers who will too. The law may require that the “monied spouse” pay for the “non-monied spouse’s” attorney and pay temporary support during the pendency of the case. However, these rules are not an opportunity to abuse the “monied spouse” and the “monied spouse” also has rights that need to be protected.

If you are served with divorce papers, it’s very important for you to meet with an experienced New York divorce lawyer as soon as possible so that you understand your rights and so that a lawyer can work with you to protect those rights. Contact Tilem & Associates, PC online or call us at 877-377-8666 regarding your family law matter.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence can be a complicating aspect in any New York divorce case and may affect many different aspects of the divorce. For example, domestic violence may affect the custody and visitation aspect of a divorce and may even affect where the divorce case is heard. Often, if allegations of domestic violence surface as part of a divorce, the entire case or cases may be moved to the “Integrated Domestic Violence Part” (IDV), where one judge can handle any criminal charges and the divorce case.

While Domestic Violence is very serious and nobody should ever have to be the victim of domestic abuse, all too often domestic violence is used as a sword in New York matrimonial cases to attempt to achieve an unfair advantage during the divorce proceedings.

Our attorneys serve clients throughout New York City, including Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Westchester County, Rockland County and Putnam County.

How Tilem & Associates, PC can Help

If you have made the difficult decision to file for divorce, you will need to work with an experienced family law attorney who will have your best interests in mind every step of the way. The White Plains divorce attorneys at Tilem & Associates, PC have been helping individuals and families throughout the area for more than two decades.

We know just how stressful this process can be, which is why we do everything in our power to ensure that our clients’ cases are resolved quickly and effectively. Whether you are in the midst of a contentious custody battle or you are concerned about protecting your property, our skilled legal team is ready to fight for you.

Contact us today at 877-377-8666 to schedule a free consultation with a divorce attorney in White Plains.

Client Reviews
"Thank you again for discussing my case with today. I can not stress enough how impressed I am with your services as an attorney. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty to attempt to help me. Thank you again and best wishes." Rob
"I am writing to send you my heartfelt thanks for your work on my father’s case. You are a wonderful attorney. I was very impressed by you from our first meeting. I am so grateful we were referred to you." Joanna
"I wanted to first say thank you for everything you have done for me in the last several months. You made this very difficult ordeal in my life less stressful and easier to bear. I am grateful for having you as my attorney and I truly feel that you helped me above my expectations. I appreciate everything." W.S.