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Drug Court

New York State has one of the most complex systems when dealing with criminal drug charges. There are many drug courts that have been created to funnel criminal drug charges to instead of the normal criminal court handling them. There are currently 141 drug courts open across New York State and while they can help the defendant end up with a better disposition, the overall process can be extremely confusing and complicated. As with any type of legal situation, it is better to have an attorney you can trust by your side. Our team of experienced New York criminal attorneys are here to help with whatever charges you might be facing in drug court. Call now for a free consultation.

The creation of drug courts has allowed for a combination approach to the charges. Instead of the charges being handled as something entirely criminal, the drug courts combine other treatments and assistance to those who are being charged. Those who are charged with misdemeanor or felony offenses in which drug addiction is a contributing factor to the offense may be eligible to participate in the programs through the drug courts. This could potentially lead to the charges being dismissed overall or a reduction in the charges if the program is completed successfully.

We have helped many of our previous clients through the process of drug courts, making sure that their best interests were being represented. While the drug courts are something that can be extremely beneficial to those who have been charged with a drug related offense, these courts are relatively new and can be extremely confusing for someone who is not used to the court system. In our experience, we have even been through a situation where the drug court was not being properly run by those in charge and our office fought to make sure that clients were being handled fairly and appropriately.

Agreeing to allow your charges to be handled in drug court is not a decision that should be made lightly and if at all possible, should be discussed with an attorney as soon as possible. Drug courts include intensive treatment for drug or alcohol addiction for those who admit that their addiction is a part of the reason they were arrested and charged in the first place which is why it is important to know your rights before entering the contract to participate in the program. Our attorneys are familiar with not only the court programs but also the programs that are used to help the clients.

If you have recently been charged with a drug related offense and want to see if drug court is an option, call now to speak with one of our experienced New York criminal attorneys. We have handled a great many drug cases for our clients and have been extremely successful in having the charges handled as well as helping our clients receive the help they need with the addictions. We offer free consultations for whatever charges you may be facing, so call now to speak with one of top rated attorneys.

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