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Greenburgh Traffic Tickets

Motor Vehicle Violation Attorneys Defending Greenburgh Residents

The Town of Greenburgh has one of the busiest traffic courts in New York State. Out-of-town drivers and local Greenburgh residents can travel on several highways that pass through the town of Greenburgh, many of which are monitored by traffic law enforcement. If you are pulled over on Interstate 87, the Bronx River Parkway, New York State Route 100, or any other highway or road in Greenburgh, you may be ticketed for a driving violation. At Tilem & Associates, our skilled Greenburgh traffic ticket lawyers represent drivers with traffic tickets returnable to the Greenburgh Town Court. We are prepared to review the circumstances of your ticket and evaluate any available options to avoid or lower the penalties associated with the alleged violation.

Responding to a New York Traffic Ticket

The New York Vehicle and Traffic Law contains the rules of the road for drivers operating motor vehicles in the state of New York. Disobeying any of these laws may result in a ticket. A few examples of common traffic violations are speeding, disobeying traffic lights, making an illegal U-turn, driving too closely to another vehicle, failing to use a signal when turning, and violating safety belt and child safety seat regulations. If you are issued a traffic ticket, reading the information on the front and back of the ticket may help you understand the next steps. It is important to answer the ticket by the date provided and return it to the court specified on the ticket. This can be accomplished by mail or in person. You may also retain a traffic ticket attorney in Greenburgh to answer the ticket and represent you in the matter.

The consequences stemming from a traffic ticket generally depend on the specific violation. Penalties for traffic infractions may include fines, surcharges, and driver violation points. For example, under the Vehicle and Traffic Law, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle unless you are restrained by a safety belt. An adult driver who is issued a ticket for failing to wear his or her own seat belt will typically be subject to a simple fine. However, violations of seat belt and safety seat laws for children under the age of 16 can result in more serious penalties upon a conviction, including a larger fine and three driver violation points. If there was another reason for the traffic stop, such as speeding, the driver could face additional points on their driving record.

The New York State Driver Violation Point System

Discussing the New York State Driver Violation Point System with a Greenburgh traffic ticket attorney can assist you in deciding how to resolve your traffic ticket. The system is used by the Department of Motor Vehicles to target high-risk drivers by adding points to their driving records for many driving violations. The number of points incurred for a particular offense is roughly proportionate to the danger involved in the activity. For instance, while a violation for failing to signal a lane change carries two points, failing to stop for a school bus is assigned five points. Tickets for parking, cycling, or pedestrian violations are not subject to any points.

Accruing too many points on your driving record within a certain period of time may lead to the assessment of additional fees and ultimately put you in danger of losing your license. Drivers with points on their records may also face a hike in their car insurance premiums.

Consequently, although it may seem easy to accept the ticket and pay the fine, doing so may not be in your best interest. Discussing your situation with a traffic ticket lawyer can provide more insight in determining an appropriate course of action.

Seek Advice From a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Greenburgh

At Tilem & Associates, our traffic violation attorneys can represent drivers who have received tickets for infractions as well as those who have been charged for misdemeanor traffic offenses throughout Westchester County. We also serve residents of Bronx, Queens, Kings, Nassau, Richmond, Rockland, Suffolk, and Putnam Counties. Schedule your appointment with a traffic ticket attorney today by calling our office at 877-377-8666 or contacting us online.

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