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Heroin Possession

Drug crimes are incredibly complex and involve multiple different charges that can be brought depending on the type of drug as well as the amount in possession at the time of arrest. Heroin has become more rampant in the more recent years, leading New York to change the laws to be stricter on those who sell, traffic or possess the drug. Seven separate laws in New York apply in these cases, with only one charge being a misdemeanor and the rest all being felonies. This means that at best, if the charges are not handled properly, you can be serving at least a year behind bars for the lowest charge, but it could lead to life in prison if the charges are more serious. Call our experienced team of New York criminal attorneys now to discuss what options are available in dealing with these charges.

Possession of any amount of heroin is automatically a class A misdemeanor. Once the amount is over 500 mg, the charges become a class D felony. An amount over 1/8 of an ounce is a class C felony and over 1/2 of ounce is a class B felony. Any amount over 4 ounces is a class A felony and the most serious of the charges that deal with heroin possession.

Just like with possession, knowingly selling any amount of heroin is a class D felony, but this becomes a class A felony if the amount sold is over 1/2 an ounce. Regardless of the amount, if the sale takes place on school property or is to someone under the age of 21, the charge is automatically a B felony. Any conviction of trafficking is s a class A felony.

These charges being felonies, means that even at the lowest level, there can be a sentence of a least a year imprisonment, up to a life sentence. It is important that you contact our experienced team of New York criminal attorneys now toa make sure that the charges are handled in such a way to gain a favorable outcome for the accused.

Have a former prosecutor work for you. Our lead attorney worked as a prosecutor on drug charges for over 10 years before becoming a defense attorney. This makes him, as well as our team, uniquely situated in being able to handle these charges for you. Our team of experienced New York criminal attorneys know how the prosecutor is going to handle the charges, and we have worked to make sure our strategies our stronger than theirs. Call us now to have us start working on your charges and make sure the most favorable outcome is achieved.

While these charges are serious, there are also treatment options available to those who are suffering from heroin addiction and those treatment options are also available to those who have been charged. Part of what we do at Tilem & Associates is work for our client, even if that includes finding a treatment plan for you while dealing with the charges.

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