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How Many Points can I Accumulate Before I Lose my License?

Posted by Peter Tilem || 18-May-2015

Often, clients will contact me after getting several tickets and want to know how many points they’re allowed before they lose their license in New York. Under New York State law, any time you have more than six points, you can lose your license, but generally people don’t. People do lose their license after they accumulate 11 points. If you accumulate 11 points on your license, it is generally automatic that your license will be suspended for a period of time.

Before it gets to this stage, you should speak to a lawyer who’s familiar with traffic violations who may be able to get points reduced off of their license. There’s a possibility of taking a safe driving class which can often reduce four points on your license. In any case, before you do anything, you should contact a lawyer who’s familiar with the best way to reduce the points on your license.