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How Police Determine Probable Cause in DWI Cases

Posted by Tilem & Associates, PC || 24-Jan-2017

You’re driving the home from a friend’s house, a work function, or a dinner party when you notice bright flashing lights in your rearview. As you pull over to the side of the road, you question how much alcohol you drank before getting behind the wheel. Can the police arrest you immediately after pulling you over for DWI? Not without probable cause to do so.

What is probable cause then? Probable cause is circumstantial evidence seen by police prior to stopping you or during their stop that could lead them to make the reasonable assumption that the driver is intoxicated. This law is purposefully vague to allow police to use their own discretion when choosing to arrest a suspect.

Police consider the following probable cause for a DWI arrest:

  • Smells like Alcohol: If you roll down your window and the police smell alcohol on your breath or in your car, this could be considered evidence in plain sight.

  • Failed Nystagmus Gaze Test: When an officer suspects a driver of driving while under the influence, they can request the driver perform a field test. One of the most commonly used field tests is the Nystagmus test. During this test, an officer will ask the driver to follow a pen or other object with their eyes as they pass the object from one side of the suspect’s gaze to the other. If you fail this test, this could a as probable cause for a DWI arrest.

  • Swerving or Failure to Maintain: Erratic driving, swerving between lanes, and excessive speeding could be considered probable cause for stopping a driver and making a DWI arrest.

  • Breathalyzer Results: In most states, you give implied consent to be breathalyzer tests by holding a valid license. If an officer believes they have probable cause that a driver was operating their vehicle while under the influence, New York laws of implied consent give that officer the ability to perform and chemical test to check their BAC levels.

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