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I got a Ticket for Using a Cell Phone, How Many Points will I get on my License?

Posted by Peter Tilem || 25-May-2015

Many clients contact me after receiving tickets for using their cell phone while they’re driving and ask me how many points are involved. The truth is, New York has greatly increased the penalties for using a cell phone while driving. For example, that violation used to carry no points. Today, after several different amendments to the law, it now has five points, which is one of the most serious violations on the books, and equals reckless driving in terms of the number of points. If you get a cell phone ticket, it’s important to speak to a lawyer. Five points are a lot of points to have assessed in one incident.

Many times, lawyers can negotiate dispositions that can result in few or no points. An attorney who is experienced in the use of cell phone tickets can generally help get those types of tickets reduced, so you should contact a lawyer as early as possible.