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I Received a Speeding Ticket, How Many Points will I get on my License?

Posted by Peter Tilem || 8-Jun-2015

Many people will contact me after getting a speeding ticket, and will ask me how many points will be assessed on their driver’s license. New York State has a point system that assesses points based upon the seriousness of a violation or the perceived seriousness of the violation. In New York, speeding tickets can run anywhere from three points at a minimum to 11 points for the most serious speeding, which is 41 miles over the speed limit or more. 11 points on your driver’s license automatically results in the suspension of your driving privileges. Speeding is often six points, which is 21 miles or more over the speed limit. Besides resulting in six points on your driver’s license, this will create a requirement that you pay a driver responsibility assessment, which is a $300 dollar surcharge on top of the fines and court costs that one generally pays.

If you get charged with speeding, it is a serious violations of the vehicle and traffic code. It’s important to speak with a lawyer who’s familiar with those types of tickets before making a decision of whether or not you should plead guilty or fight the speeding ticket.