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Second Amendment and Gun Rights

New York State Second Amendment and Gun Rights Lawyers

New York can be a very hostile place for firearms and gun ownership. While long guns such as rifles and shotguns are often unregulated outside of New York City, inside of New York City a special permit is required to own, purchase or transport a long gun and many semi-automatic rifles and shotguns are illegal under New York’s SAFE Act. In addition, a person commits a felony in New York if they simply touch a handgun unless that person has a license for that handgun. Licenses for handguns in New York can be hard to obtain, are costly and in most places take a long time to get issued. Even the smallest blemish on a person’s record can result in a delay in obtaining a license or an outright denial of a gun license. Even old arrests that have resulted in dismissals or cases that were sealed can sometimes result in a denial of a firearms license. New York permanently prohibits many people convicted of even misdemeanors from owning firearms unless the person has their firearms rights restored.


Our Attorneys

Our Attorneys have the experience, knowledge and skill to help firearms owners. Whether, a person is a first-time firearms purchaser or has had a gun license suspended or revoked or has been charged with a criminal offense related to the possession, sale or ownership of guns, our attorneys are here to help and have a track record of achieving unparalleled success for gun owners throughout New York State.

Two of the lawyers at Tilem & Associates are NRA Certified Firearms instructors who have extensive experience handling gun rights issues and are familiar with firearms. Mr. Tilem, the firm’s founder, is a former prosecutor in the New York County District Attorney’s Office who was assigned to the elite firearms trafficking unit to handle firearms related investigations and prosecutions. Since entering private practice almost 20 years ago, he has represented clients concerning all areas of gun rights and Second amendment issues. In addition, Mr. Tilem frequently teaches continuing legal education and writes articles on the topic of gun rights and Second Amendment issues.

Cases We Handle

Our lawyers are experienced in handling virtually all legal issues pertaining to New York firearms licensing, possession of firearms, sale of firearms, Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (HR 218) defenses, firearms license revocation hearings, license denials, Article 78 proceedings to appeal gun license denials or revocations, Firearms Owners Protection Act (FOPA) defenses, SAFE Act violations, New York City Firearms Licenses, New York City Rifle and Shotgun permits and violation of the New York City Administrative Code. In addition, our firm can help you to restore your firearms rights in New York State.

why choose an Experienced Gun Rights Attorneys

With more than 30 years of experience in handling firearms cases, our lawyers know firearms law. But since our lawyers not only know the law but also know about firearms, modifications to firearms and understand the way different firearms function, we are often able to achieve superior results for our clients. In many cases, we have been brought into firearms cases years after they were started and have found substantial defects in the way the case was handled. Often, we have found previously missed defenses to criminal prosecutions such as a criminal case that we were brought onto as the third attorney and found that the client had a valid Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act Defense. In that case, we were able to get the matter sealed and all the client’s firearms returned. In another case, where we were brought in as the second attorneys, we found defects in the indictment and eventually got all of the guns suppressed and the case dismissed and sealed. Again, all of the guns were returned.

We have helped many, including convicted felons restore their right to own and possess firearms.

When your basic constitutional rights are on the line, it pays to hire a firm with the experience and proven track record to get you the very best results. Contact one of our experienced NRA Instructor, firearms rights attorneys today for a free and friendly consultation.

If you are already a gun owner visit our NY TAC DEFENSE website to see if our pre-paid legal plan for gun owners is right for you.

Client Reviews
"Thank you again for discussing my case with today. I can not stress enough how impressed I am with your services as an attorney. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty to attempt to help me. Thank you again and best wishes." Rob
"I am writing to send you my heartfelt thanks for your work on my father’s case. You are a wonderful attorney. I was very impressed by you from our first meeting. I am so grateful we were referred to you." Joanna
"I wanted to first say thank you for everything you have done for me in the last several months. You made this very difficult ordeal in my life less stressful and easier to bear. I am grateful for having you as my attorney and I truly feel that you helped me above my expectations. I appreciate everything." W.S.