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GENERALLY: The Bedford Town Court is located in the northwestern part of Westchester County in the State of New York. The Court handles a high volume of traffic tickets. Many of these tickets are issued for speeding violations on I684 which passes through the Town of Bedford. Interstate 684 is a wide-open, flat highway and it’s not unusual to see drivers charged with speeds in excess of 90 mph.

Speeding tickets issued in Bedford by New York State Troopers are prosecuted by a special prosecutor. Tickets issued by local officers are usually prosecuted by the local officer. Generally you will receive a notice from the court instructing you to appear for a pre-trial conference. We can appear for you at this conference and try to negotiate a plea bargain whereby you would plead guilty to a reduced offense (fewer points).

The judges in Bedford take high speeds very seriously and those charged with speeds of 90 plus can expect to have to appear in court. You should strongly consider being represented by an attorney at this appearance.

If you and the special prosecutor or local officer agree on a reduction and the court accepts the deal, you will be required to pay the fine that day. If you retain an attorney and do not appear in court with him or her, the judges in Bedford many times will allow a week for you to pay the fine because you are not personally in court with your attorney.

  • Bedford Town Court
  • Bedford Town House
  • 321 Bedford Road
  • Bedford Hills, NY 10507
  • J. David A. Menken
  • J. Erik P. Jacobsen

CLERKS: Nancy Artese and Diane Georgio

PHONE: 914-666-6965

FAX: 914-666-2490



TRAFFIC TICKET DAYS: Starts at 11 a.m. on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month

CONCLUSION: The Bedford Town Court has one of the busiest traffic ticket calendars in Westchester County. Not exactly the most cordial of places but, for a local court, it is professionally run and properly staffed with knowledgeable personnel. Unlike some local courts which can literally be held in basements with folding metal chairs, the Bedford Town Court is large, well kept, modern and resembles what most would think a court should look like. You will pass through a metal detector and be subject to further searches before entering. While we make no guarantees and past performance does not guarantee a particular outcome in your case, our law-firm has about a 98% success rate at obtaining reductions or dismissal for our traffic violation clients in Westchester and Rockland Counties. You should note however that the Bedford judges take a strict stance on high speeds and have been known to suspend licenses for high speeds.

Have you recently been arrested for a DWI / DUI, Weapons Charge, Drug Offense, or Traffic Violation and need a Criminal Lawyer at Bedford Town Court?

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